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Celia & Donato :: Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding :: Rancho Bernardo, Ca


There’s something so special about weddings at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.  Even as a San Diego based wedding photographer, I’m still always enthralled with the beauty of this magical wedding venue.  That’s why when Celia and Donato first walked into my office in La Jolla I was jumping for joy when they told me that their summer wedding would be at the Inn.  I instantly loved Celia and Donny!  They are fun, adventurous, and love each other so much.  Let’s start off with Celia and how beautiful she looked in her stunning wedding dress.   Just wait till you scroll down and see the photos!   She has a majesty that radiates confidence and beauty.  She’s sweet, kind and funny.  Donny is professional, determined,and a true gentleman.  Combine these two together and you get a wonderful couple.  Looking back on these photos I can’t help to notice how natural they are in front of my camera.  This wedding is full of beautiful candid moments and elegant portraits.  I hope you enjoy!  Congratulations Celia and Donato!




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