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5 Tips for the Perfect Engagement Session


Whether you’re using us for your engagement photos or not, we want you to have to have these important tips that will help you look and feel your absolute best. We know that being in front of the camera can be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together this list from over 500+ engagement sessions of experience.

1 – If you’re not comfortable it will show.

When going through your closet choose an outfit that is comfortable yet flattering. If you’re worried about your clothes or if they’re uncomfortable, it’s going to show. Pick something you know makes you feel good about yourself.

2 – Bring an outfit change.

Feel free to bring an outfit change. It will add variety to your photos and allow you to have two different feels to your session.

3 – It’s great to get close. Just don’t squish.

You can get some really fun and in the moment photos from a good engagement session. It’s important to remember that when you do get really close not to squish. This goes for kissing, hugging, and lifting.

4 – Think outside the box for locations.

Living in San Diego gives us plenty of beautiful backgrounds to choose from. I love when our couples pick obscure and unique places to have their sessions photographed. This could be some cool hiking trail on the top of a mountain, or a cool coffee shop where you met your fiance.

5 – Relax and have fun.

You’ve hired a professional photographer to make you look and feel great on this big day. Trust in our experience and talent. When you look good, we look good.

If you have questions about weddings, engagement sessions, or even just want to say hi, click the link below to reach out.

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