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This is a wedding I’ve looked forward to photographing for a long time.  I’ll start the blog post off with that. 🙂  Jen and Marty emailed me and asked If I could come and chat about possibly being their wedding photographer earlier this year.  They requested I come to their home being that this is where the wedding would take place.  I punched in the address on my phone and realized that this wasn’t far from where I once lived about 10 years ago.  Of course I was in my early twenties then, working out, eating right, and even enjoying the evening jog around my neighborhood.  As I pulled up to Jen and Marty’s home I quickly recognized it.  This beautiful, historic, 1920’s, Mission Hills home was one I would jog pass every time I went for a run.  Now let me just preface this before I continue; all the houses in Mission Hills are beautiful.  In fact I’ve always considered Mission Hills to be one of the most beautiful communities of San Diego.  Rich in history and sitting right above Old Town, Mission Hills has great views, amazing dinning and a classic mixture of Spanish, Victorian, Italian, and Mediterranean architecture.  The reason this house always grabbed my attention was its character and marvelous beauty.  I still remember a younger me running by that house, thinking that if I worked hard enough I could have something like this one day.  It was the half way point of my run and Jen and Marty’s house always gave me the motivation to finish hard.

After our consultation Marty was kind enough to give me a little tour of his home.  He told me about all the improvements he was planning on the home as we walked downstairs to his work shop.  Jen jokingly said “Marty is a hobbyist” , as I saw all the wood working tools Marty owned.  You would never expect the founder of a software company to have such tools, yet alone be able to operate them, but that was the best part.  I could tell they loved each other so much.  As I left their home and walked out to my car, I pictured them growing old in their house .  Having their kids and even their grandkids running around that big yard.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ” The ornament of a house is the friends who visit it.”  If friends and family are a testament to love and happiness then Jen and Marty are in great shape!

Congratulations you two!  I can’t thank you enough for having me be a part of one of the best days of your life!

Wedding Coordination :: Hannah Smith Events

Band :: High Society Jazz Band

Harpist :: Naomi Alter

Caterer :: Personal Touch Dining

D.J. :: Preston Foreman ( DJ Wreckrd )

Officiant :: Rev. Christopher Tuttle

Florist :: Lovely Steams Floral

Bakery :: Twiggs Bakery

Makeup :: Sarah Beecher w/ Make Up Mommy

Photographer :: Walter Wilson Studios



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