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Leah and Joe :: Maderas Country Club :: San Diego Ca


Leah and Joe are one of those couples that everyone loves.  From the moment I had met with them I knew I wanted to be a part of their special day!  I was lucky enough to spend sometime with them during their engagement session prior to the wedding.  We all packed into our cars and headed an hour east to the Laguna mountain range just east of San Diego.  I really got a chance to get to know them on that trip.  I find when I’m able to build a relationship with my couples it translates into their photos and provides a relaxed and uniquely authentic mood in the photography.

From that day I photographed their engagement session time had seemed to fast forward and now the day was here.  All those preparations and countless hours of planning had now culminated into this one day.

It was a relaxed and exciting mood as I walked into the bridal house on the Madera’s Country Club property. Leah and her bridesmaids were enjoying champagne and coffee, laughing and preparing for the day ahead.  A wonderful and appropriate combination if you ask me.

Soon after Leah’s dress went on we out the door and heading over for their first look.  Leah slowly approached Joe and tapped him from behind on the shoulder.  Joe turned and saw his beautiful bride before him.  This is always such a moving experience for couples.  The moment when you first see each other on your wedding day.

The day went forward perfectly and right before the sunset I snuck the couple out for some beautiful portraits.  The lighting was magical and it was nice just to have a few minutes to capture what this day was really all about; the love between two people.

Leah and Joe, I wish you both years and years of love, laughter and success in anything you do.  Thank you so much for letting me be part of such a beautiful day in your lives.